The Free Catholics’ Manifesto!

We Free Catholics note that…

  • Corona is a disease like the flu. The measures that are now being taken by the government, governments and the business community are disproportionate to the seriousness of corona.
  • The “vaccines” have many side effects and millions of people have already been victims of them.
  • Medications, that have been proven to be effective, may not be used.
  • The corona measures are contrary to the Love of God for mankind; manipulation and exclusion are contrary to the free will that Jesus taught us.
  • God and love of neighbor have been subordinated to a so-called science that predict only terrifying future images that never come true.
  • Church leadership does not opposed to manipulating believers (even children) to take a “vaccine” which, even according to our own government, is experimental in nature, manipulates human genes and has unknown effects in the medium and long term.
  • Church leadership does not oppose inciting a guilt complex to children, as if they are responsible for the death of their (grand)parents.
  • Church leadership has not opposed isolating the elderly and having them to die in loneliness – the worst thing that can happen to someone.
  • Church leadership does not oppose ruining people’s lives, depriving them of their jobs, social connections, education, and recreation.
  • That the holy masses have still not been restored, so without corona restrictions.
  • That the leadership of the Church does not stand up for the integrity of the human body.
  • The bishops condone the abortions with which the “vaccines” are made.

That is why we, Free Catholics, call on the leadership of the Catholic Church to take a critical attitude about the corona measures:

  • The church leadership should once again offer believers hope instead of fear.
  • The church leadership should again act as shepherd of the flock; believers who ask critical questions and present facts should be no longer be silenced by the church leadership.

We, Free Catholics, are free because we believe in Jesus Christ and what He taught us:

  • That manipulation and fear are always overcome.
  • Free because Jesus is our guide and a manipulating pope cannot possibly be our guide.
  • We are free because we do use de gumption we have received from Our Lord and do not allow ourselves to be silenced.

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