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“La Vierge au lys”, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, oil on canvas, 1899, private collection.

This website was created by Catholics who call themselves Free Catholics. We are free Catholics because we make the important choices in our lives: making choices with our own common sense and Jesus Christ and Catholic teaching as a guide.

We feel free because we no longer want to follow the current church leadership in everything, especially when it comes to statements by the current pope such as that ‘Corona is the punishment of God’ and that it would be an ‘act of charity’ to let us vaccinated against corona. We also find the pope’s politically tinged statements about the European Union, immigration and climate change to be incorrect or questionable in terms of content and in which the pope presents himself as a politician, something a pope should never allow himself to be used for.

As free Catholics, we note with pain in our hearts that Pope Francis and the Dutch church leadership have taken a path in the so-called corona crisis that injustices the faithful and harms the Roman Catholic Church.
We note that corona is no more serious illness than a severe flu. The measures as announced in the Netherlands – and worldwide – by government and government cannot be defended on the basis of the facts. Nevertheless, the Dutch bishops continue to follow this policy uncritically.
Based on an interview with Cardinal Eijk, we want to show that the position of the church regarding corona is a wrong position. A position that is not Catholic.

Please read the interview with Archbishop Eijk about the ‘vaccines’.

We would like to ask all Catholics who can identify with us, the Free Catholics, to sign the manifesto and email it back to:

If there is sufficient interest, we would like to enter into a conversation with the bishops to persuade them to change their corona policy into a critical attitude, based on facts, common sense and the teachings of the Church.
We would like to ask the bishops to actively and permanently seek publicity to express this critical attitude towards the corona policy.

The poster can be printed and filled in with a pen [1], or digitally [2]. Don’t forget to save the file with the signed page. Send it as an email attachment to

[1] Manually signing requires a printer and scanner:

  • Download and print the pdf file
  • Write the data and sign with a pen in the foot space
  • Convert the signed sheet to digital format using a scanner
  • Save the new file as pdf or jpg format

[2] Acrobat Reader is sufficient for the digital subscription of the manifesto

  • Download the pdf file and open it
  • Write the data by typing it in the boxes
  • Select the box for the signature and follow the instructions provided automatically by the program


The comments on its website and manifesto have been carefully checked by the Free Catholics. However, if factual inaccuracies are still mentioned on this website, please draw your attention to this and send it with substantiation and source reference to: