Het juiste antwoord op vraag 45 is a. – niet geheel onverwacht.

Zie ook Dinesh d’Souza in ‘What’s so great about Christianity’ (blz 223 & 224): < If Nazism represented the culmination of anything, it was that of the nineteenth-century and early twentieth century ideology of social Darwinism. As historian Richard Weikart documents, both Hitler and Himmler were admirers of Darwin and often spoke of their role as enacting a “law of nature” that guaranteed the “elimination of the unfit”. Weikart argues that Hitler himself “drew upon a bountiful fund of social Darwinist thought to construct his own racist philosophy “ and concludes that while Darwinism is not a “sufficient” intellectual explanation for Nazism, it is a “necessary” one. Without Darwinism, there might not have been Nazism. >

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